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Harvest 2010

August 11, 2010


TriVino and our clients have been working hard to get the Harvest 2010 order estimates together. Given the strength of our group, we expect pricing this year to be fantastic. If you haven't provided your harvest estimate, contact TriVino to get it in now! Pricing should be set in the next week or so.



Harvest Time

October 1st, 2009


TriVino and our client wineries are deep into the 2009 harvest. As with all harvests there have been early mornings and long nights, but we are excited to have played an important role in reducing costs and streamlining the process for our client wineries. To hear more about TriVino's harvest services, please email TriVino's sale manager, Drew Bulfer at


TriVino goes to New York

October 6th, 2008


TriVino President Michael Thomsen visited Rye, NY for the Southern Wines Outer Lands tasting and networking event on October 6th.  Michael had the opportunity to speak with numerous winery representatives to discuss the benefits of utilizing TriVino services.  The benefits of outsourcing supply chain activities for small to mid-sized wineries through TriVino caught the attention of many of the attendees and presenters.  For more information on this event, please contact Michael at