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Overview of Services Provided

Trivino provides a total solution, outsourced supply chain management department and purchasing co-op for a conglomerate of small to medium sized wineries.  By managing the flow of information and materials from the wineries’ suppliers to the wineries’ customers, Trivino facilitates better information exchange, shared resources and win-win relationships among members of the chain.  Thus, Trivino reduces wineries’ cost by leveraging purchasing power, improving inventory management and utilizing technology and innovation to create more efficient processes.


  • Leverage co-op volume discounts on purchasing price
  • Increase inventory management efficiencies by accurately forecasting product demand
  • Maximize space management to reduce over order and product waste
  • Continuously improve supplier relationships


  • Reduce costs
    • Inventory Overhead
    • Purchasing Overhead
    • Labor
    • Materials
    • Transportation
    • Shipping (fulfillment)
  • Reduce product overages
  • Reduce wineries labor allocation for managing supply chain
  • Allow wineries to focus on their core competency (making wine)
  • Industry benchmarking
  • Collective bargaining increases negotiating power (not just price)
  • Continual process improvement
  • Reduce risk of market fluctuations in price and supply